Blood-borne Borrelia Biofilms Coated with Beta-Amyloid -7 Oct 2015

Is Amyloid, rather than being the “cause” of Alzheimer’s, really an anti-microbial peptide, the body’s desperate attempt to fight off a Borrelia bacterial infection?

Taken from words of Dr Alan MacDonald quoted in

“…A hunch led me to stain peripheral blood from a heavily infected Chronic Lyme patient with dementia with  Congo red Stain for Amyloid.;;

The biofilms in blood were completely covered with Amyloid, and the Amyloid stain demonstrated the textbook partly red/partly green color – [ i.e.; Birefringence under white polarized light illumination]

Water channel spaces are clearly seen inside of the Congo Red stained amyloid covered Biofilms.

Summary point: Borrelia biofilms in Alzheimer’s brain exist and are always wedded to amyloid plaques which completely cover the Borrelia biofilm.

Biofilms of Borrelia in circulating blood exist in some dementia patients and are …wedded to Amyloid covering the biofilms in blood …”

Please click on the link below for details and microscopic images of amyloid-coated Borrelia biofilm in the blood of a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Amyloid-coated Borrelia Biofilms in Blood of Alzheimer’s Patient