Southampton Press Reports on Dr Alan Macdonald’s Research

Southampton , NY

  26 Jan 2016

“Dr. Alan MacDonald’s grandfather died three years after being diagnosed with dementia when Dr. MacDonald was 10 years old. His grandfather went from being a “brilliant” doctor who went to Harvard Medical School and became the chief of ophthalmology at Mass General Hospital in Boston, to a man who could not recognize his own wife. As a young boy, Dr. MacDonald would come home from school to find his mother in the pantry where she would cry for hours on end. Dr. MacDonald told this story, which led to his decision to become a doctor and focus on dementia, during a talk he gave in London, England, in 2014…..”click here to read full article on Dr Alan Macdonald’s work in Southampton Press January 2016.

Note: The Gofundme initiatives for crowd -funding Dr Macdonald’s research on borrelia and dementia. mentioned in the article, can be found here at the links below. Please give generously. Thank you.

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Video of London 2014 talk mentioned in article (SAA Launch meeting)